Transforming legal



business growth.

Our mission is to take all professionals and companies towards success, in their careers or business lifecycle.

Our mission is to empower Legal Business Owners and Legal Team Managers, to increase their performance & revenue, by consistently attracting the best talent alongside deployment of the best legal tech and recruitment/retention processes.

We do this with thorough expert talent mapping, data, analysis, verification, context and a focus on the correct implementation processes.


We uplift our
legal communities

Our mission is to be the go-to Agency for legal professionals across all developing nations.

By offering them the best-in-class personal service - from career guidance to access to the most suitable opportunities. 

We uplift our legal communities by securing them better jobs, better salaries and better people/processes for their businesses.

This improves every aspect of their lives.

The GRM Group understands that one of the most important  developing markets is flexibility.

You need strategies and solutions that are resistant to all the drama that a growing economy will throw at your business.

Combining this with acquiring the correct talent, and deploying an individually tailored strategy, alongside deep forecasting data and analysis is where partnering with GRM puts you ahead of your competition, and prepares you to compete, both locally and globally.


Our vision is to assist every law firm and legal professional, across emerging markets, and therefore become the most successful legal talent management agency across all developing countries.


The GRM Values

Our values are genuine. And you will feel them in every dealing you have with a member of our award-winning teams.


We tackle each day and every project with courage. GRM’ers are encouraged to believe in themselves, and those around them. Be brave in what you do each day.


Always ask questions, always be curious about the markets we serve, the people we serve, the work we do, the companies who pay us - be curious about the world, the economies and politics that govern emerging markets


Always act with humility, and stay strong to your beliefs - but when we are wrong, we hold our hands up and try to improve. Be a positive, open person.


The way we deliver our services should always be creative, we take each person and each business we serve and look at what they really need, and then we get creative. One size does not fit all.


We aim to be masters of everything we do - and deliver our services in a world-class fashion, every, single time.


The GRM Journey


GRM born in Hong Kong

Borrowing the initials of the founding partners (Green, Roberts, McIntosh), GRM was registered as a business in Hong Kong.


Day one

Trading under a different brand name, legal recruitment started in the midst of the global financial crisis. Primarily focussed on placing lawyers in HK and emerging Asian markets.


Award Winner

After just three short years we were awarded AsiaMoney’s Headhunter of the Year in HK for excellence of service in the legal industry.


Agency of the Year

After again being recognised by our peers for our work across Asia, we were also shortlisted for excellence awards in Australia and the UK, reflecting our commitment and expertise in helping legal teams grow and legal professionals move to dream careers, around the world.


Expanding our client footprint across Africa

2021 saw us complete our first projects in Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Namibia, Botswana and Tanzania.


Growing up

We’ve rebranded to reflect our maturity, our appreciation for our market and to reflect our embrace of the next generation. Whilst paying homage to our past through Asian artist-inspired fonts and colours, our brand displays elegance, our technologically focussed approach, traditional values, and our knowledgable and personable approach. The GRM Group truly is your catalyst for Growth and Innovation in today's ever-changing legal landscape.


The GRM Team

Our team spreads far and wide, the US, the UK, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Senegal, Cote D'Ivoire, Namibia, South Africa and Australia, all supporting a small, but powerful Delivery Team.

Rob Green

Leadership and Management

With 20+ years of human capital investment experience, there is simply no one in the developing market space with the experience and know-how Rob brings to our clients. His passion for talent is unrivalled, combined with his work ethic and market knowledge, having lived on four continents and worked on projects in 50+ cities, Rob leads The GRM Group with hunger and desire that is unmatched.

Kayresha Naidoo

Project Delivery

Our project management team is responsible for the delivery of all recruitment and research projects. Kayresha is legally qualified in South Africa, and has experience in law practice, compliance within financial services and executive search, and leads the team with her trademark determination with a splash of kindness and humility.

Suzzanne Smith


Our operations and finance team are the engine room of the GRM Group, ensuring that everything runs at a world-class level, which in turn allows our teams to deliver best-in-class results. Suzzanne epitomises what it means to be a GRM'er, proactive, a problem solver, kind, with a positive demeanor. Her support allows others to shine.

Andiswa Njakazi

Research, Data & Analysis

Our research and analytical teams are what underpins all the success of our projects. As a key person within a team that includes researchers, data analysts, economists, business analysts and candidate consultants, Andiswa is driven, professional, and friendly. The team and Andiswa work extremely hard for our client.

Tsitsi Chalumbira


Messaging to the market is important to the GRM Group. We understand that everyone digests content in different ways, therefore we deliver our news, information, jobs and data across our Substack newsletter, social media accounts and podcasts. Behind this are Tsitsi and her team, they are hardworking, creative, honest and always listening to the market to deliver what our clients want to see and read.


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We’re hiring

The GRM Group is constantly looking for happy, kind, considerate, intelligent people with common sense, passion, drive and a determination to love what they do. If this is you then you should get in touch.

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